The Con

The CON acoustic booth designed and manufactured by Available is an acoustic product. Noise decreases and reduces productivity at work, and does not allow one to focus on his task. Inside THE CON it is possible to achieve the desired quiet and calm. The booth is designed for one person, equipped in standard witht the seat and a worktop. It also provides active ventilation and presence-controlled LED lighting.

Available treat the customer in an individual way, so we give you the possibility to choose colors and finish materials from a very wide material choice - to be agreed before ordering. On request, it is also possible to implement personalized graphics on the product, giving the customer a high quality, personalized product with corporate or unique graphics.

Internal wall felt

Exterior wall paint

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Dimensions (cm)

  • outer dimensions 100x100x220
  • inner dimensions 80x94x200


  • outer finish – MDF and trapezoidal metal sheet, lacquered in RAL or NCS color palette
  • inner finish acoustic felt, 12 colors to choose
  • the floor - acoustic carpet 45 colors to choose

Standard equipment

  • move detector integrated with lighting
  • LED lighting
  • active ventilation system
  • 1 x power socket (don’t forget to specify the required standard)
  • integrated seat covered with felt
  • white countertop